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Hinojosa to strengthen its position in the Iberian Peninsula with the takeover of Portuguese Graphicsleader

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29 de May de 2020

Hinojosa has completed the acquisition of the Portuguese packaging company Graphicsleader

  • With this acquisition the group takes a step towards internationalization
  • Graphicsleader is focused on the manufacturing of special packaging with high print quality and destined for retail of sectors such as food, shoe or textile industry
  • The portfolio of packaging solutions of Graphicsleader complements and expands the group’s proposal for this type of product
  • In 2019 Hinojosa’s turnover reached 418 million euros, 5% more than in 2018

Hinojosa has completed the acquisition of the Portuguese packaging company Graphicsleader. The takeover of this iconic company, considered a reference in the sector in Portugal, marks the beginning of Hinojosa’s manufacturing presence in the Portuguese market and the group’s first international venture.

With this undertaking, Hinojosa is seeking to improve on both coverage and range of services to customers in this key market, while boosting the development of cardboard packaging in the country, at a time that is proving to be strategically crucial for the packaging sector. This will assert the group as one of the main actors in this type of packaging in the Iberian Peninsula.

This operation will allow the group to develop synergies on a commercial and operational level. Graphicsleader had a turnover of 24.1 million euros in 2019, manufactures high-quality print packaging for food industry mainly, therefore, with this acquisition, Hinojosa is seeking to expand its portfolio of solutions for this type of packaging.

At the same time, Hinojosa is planning to invest in enlarging its capacity and improve on Graphicsleader’s productivity and efficiency. It will do so by keeping the 175 staff the company currently employs and joining forces with the Santos family, the company founders, who will greatly contribute to the project’s leadership with their knowledge of the Portuguese market.

Located near Oporto and with more than 125 years of history, Graphicsleader is a family business that holds very similar values to those of Hinojosa, such as a clear orientation for innovation and customer proximity. Thanks to these values and its local deep roots, they benefit from an extremely loyal and diverse customer portfolio.

By sector share, most of its production is destined to the food industry (conserves, biscuits and cereal, dairy, etc.) making 76% of the total and 24% to other sectors such as shoes and textiles. Approximately 50% of this is destined to the Portuguese market and the rest to exports. The plant’s international markets include Spain, Morocco, Argelia, France, Germany and Malta.


Hinojosa’s turnover increased by 5% in 2019

Hinojosa closed with a turnover of 418 million euro last year, that is a 4.8% increase compared to 2018. The company’s constant effort to innovate and offer eco-friendly packaging systems to the market, a strong bid for circular economy from purchase of raw material to design and manufacture through to waste management and the consistent investment in technology, especially in digital print are at the basis of its growth.

In 2019, the group’s major milestones were the incorporation of the production units of Demco and Edihor. Located in Cardedeu (Barcelona), Demco produce packaging solutions in corrugated cardboard for more technical customers. And Edihor focuses on the purchase and sale of complementary packaging products such as adhesive tape, bubble wrap, etc. These two productive units form Hinojosa Packaging Cardedeu.

In addition, the paper division was consolidated in 2019, underpinned by the positive results borne by the paper mills. The group is thus continuing to raise its independence in the purchase of raw material for its carboard plants and, by doing that, keeps reinforcing its self-sufficiency and a longstanding customer service, being less subject to market fluctuations.

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