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The most innovative agricultural packaging

Packaging for Agriculture

At Hinojosa we help you to conserve all the freshness and flavour of fruits and vegetables in sustainable packaging. Our portfolio of solutions for agricultural products is fully adapted to your needs and allows them to reach the consumer in perfect condition.

What are its advantages?

  • Patented design reduces the cooling time in chambers and optimises energy consumption.
  • Space saving in cooling and transport tunnels.
  • Optimises the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
  • Maximum product visibility.
  • Sustainable commitment: they help you reduce the use of plastics by up to 95%.


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    The perfect alternative to traditional single-use plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables: they help you to reduce the use of this material by up to 95%. Customisable, printable and 100% recyclable.

    Our cardboard punnets are the best and most sustainable alternative to traditional plastic baskets for fruit and/or vegetables. 100% recyclable, made to measure and personalised using the best printing techniques.

    Agricultural trays should be regarded as integrated solutions to optimise stock management and improve cost savings. Airfruit, S23, S33mx or K33s… Their innovative patented design reduces chamber cooling time, saves space in cooling tunnels and improves the product’s preservation.

    We have the perfect box for fruits such as watermelon and melons. Make the most of Vegabox: optimises space during transport and makes the product stand out with its customisable pre-cut access window.

    Octabox is strong, environmentally-friendly and economical. This corrugated solution contains a 220-litre aseptic bag designed to store liquids. Easy to assemble and stack, it will save you up to 50% compared to traditional metal or plastic containers.

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