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The specialised consultancy service for your online business

Packaging for E-commerce

Hinojosa E-commerce, the specialised consultancy service for your online business.

We study and analyse all the points of interest of the business to offer a comprehensive packaging solution, through a personalised experience.

What are its advantages?


Our value proposition

  • We accompany you at any stage in the life of your company, whatever its size. We grow and evolve with you.
  • We study your logistics chain, the packaging and assembly times, cost optimisation and benchmarking, palletisation and storage space, and we optimise your carbon footprint.
  • We develop new proposals to provide solutions to the challenges and difficulties experienced by our customers. Always at the cutting-edge of new market trends.
  • We focus on the Zero Moment of Truth for a memorable unboxing experience that converts customers into influencers.
  • Online sales are a very dynamic channel that requires a rapid response capacity. Our plants offer you the coverage you need: we are within 250 km from your company.
  • We are certified as an Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) supplier and designer.
  • Your product is always safe, with a wide range of protective elements.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of your packaging, by making it Carbon Neutral.


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    Manually configurable heights are possible, adapting to the different sizes of the content and no additional tools are required.   

    Simple assembly system with tamper-evident, auto bottom boxes. Tear-off opening and double-sided adhesive tape system for easy returns. 

    The self-adjusting height mechanism can also be applied to lid and base models. 

    These models stand out for their returnability. Easy to open by tearing. They can be re-sealed as they have a double tape, which makes it easier for the consumer to return them.

    Cardboard, corrugated cardboard or paper envelopes are suitable for transporting sturdy items. They have double-sided tape to facilitate returns.

    They stand out for their quick and easy assembly. Automatic locking of the bottom without the need for auxiliary products.

    Suitable for shipping fragile products that require extra strength during transport. It has side reinforcements that cushion impacts with lateral air chambers.

    Tear-off opening with the possibility of re-sealing with a double-sided adhesive tape system. Tamper-evident seal to ensure that the product has not been manipulated.

    Strong packaging for transporting bottles. Different solutions depending on the shipping units, from one to twelve bottles. Various models to suit the diameter and height of the bottle.

    These solutions stand out for the extra strength we achieve by using lateral air chambers, suspending the bottles in a cantilevered position to achieve safe transport.

    We also have solutions specifically designed to protect the cap from breaking during transport and other models with Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certification.

    Models specifically designed for vases and flowers.

    Adaptable to the different product sizes and with special attention to achieve an optimal unboxing experience for the customer, with details such as front opening or die-cutting, with a personalised card

    Packaging that ensures the products are not removed during the transport or handling of the order.

    Tamper-evident seals are used to guarantee a secure end-customer experience, as the box must be broken to access the contents.

    We have all kinds of complementary solutions for online shipments, stabiliser trays for Fan Fold, honeycomb or Kraft paper fillers and protective corners.

    Protective solutions that replace the plastic in your packaging, making shipments more sustainable.

    Frustration free packaging (FFP) is a standard created by the largest online retail giant, Amazon. The aim was to establish a culture of optimised home delivery without resorting to more packaging than necessary. Among other objectives, it has also always sought to improve the user experience when it comes to opening packages.