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Fruit and vegetable punnets

100% recyclable punnets for fruit and vegetables

100% recyclable cardboard or paperboard punnets are the best alternatives to traditional plastic baskets for vegetables and/or fresh produce. Much more sustainable than the solutions used to date, they adapt fully to the needs of producers, consumers and retailers. Custom designed and manufactured, they can be printed with all kinds of information to convey brand messages to the consumer.

Stand out from the competition! Awareness about the use of plastics is growing, and so consumers are looking for packaging on the shelves that is much more environmentally-friendly and involves less waste and residues. And at Hinojosa we help you in this transition.

What are the advantages?

  • The punnets are made from a paper base and are 100% recyclable.
  • We have an extensive portfolio to adapt to different formats, sizes and materials.
  • Integrated solution: punnet, container tray for transport and on-shelf display.
  • They increase product and brand visibility thanks to state-of-the-art printing techniques.
  • Better ventilation
  • Self-assembled or automatic packaging
  • Ideal for stone fruit, citrus fruits, red fruits, tropical fruits, and also for vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, avocados, mini courgettes, mushrooms, and peppers.


Octagonal and rectangular open punnets

Designed for all kinds of fruit and vegetables, this type of punnet is perfect for flowpack packaging. In terms of personalisation, Offset, Flexo and Digital printing is possible.  

Basket-type punnets - punnets with handle and central closure

The perfect packaging solution as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging, as it virtually eliminates the use of plastic. At Hinojosa, we believe this is a perfect solution for the fruit and vegetable sector as, depending on each need and type of product, it is possible to manufacture them with different qualities and finishes. 

Punnets with banding closures

Punnets with closures with paper banding are suitable for packaging all types of fruit and vegetables, although they have a significant difference when compared to other models: they require a machine to apply the banding. What you don’t have to worry about is the size of the fruit: at Hinojosa we make them to be adaptable to a wide range of sizes.  

Watertight punnets

This is the option we recommend for take-away food sales, or for products that need a liquid barrier. A perfect example of Exclusive models with our own patent

Exclusive models with our own patent

We also have exclusive models with our own patent, such as the heat-sealable Barket by Hinojosa, or the cardboard trays to which we can fit a PET lid. 

Heat-sealable punnets

Take the leap and lead the change with our heat-sealable cardboard punnets. Customisable in all formats, without the need to replace your sealing line. They extend the product’s shelf-life and reduce the use of single-use plastic by up to 95%.

Circular fruit and vegetable punnets

Circular punnets for fruit and vegetables are particularly practical for transporting mini watermelons, pumpkins and coconuts, among other products. 

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