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Heat-sealable punnets

Leading the change

Full freshness and flavour in a sustainable package

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Leading the change

The European Union is restricting the use of single-use plastics in food packaging by means of the relevant directives. This regulatory change is in line with consumer trends that have been favouring more sustainable products for some time now.

At Hinojosa, we’ve spent years analysing this trend, which is now a reality, and we’ve made great progress in the development of sustainable packaging systems as an alternative to single-use plastic. The result is our heat-sealable punnets for fruit and vegetables, an innovative registered system that is already present in large-scale distribution.

Fruit pack

Heat-sealable punnet and packaging machine

  • Heat-sealable cardboard punnet as an alternative to current plastic trays.
  • Machinability. Fruit Pack offers you the option of installing the packaging machine on your assembly line.
  • Registered system.
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Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa


Reduces up to
95% of plastic

  • Barket is a tried and tested solution for plastic punnet heat-sealing machines.
  • It works with any type of heat-sealable film.
  • Its octagonal design makes it easy to use for producers and consumers.
  • Same sealing speed as plastic punnets without making any mechanical changes to the machine.
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Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa


Adapts 100% to your sealing line

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Innovation. Winner of the WorldStar Awards 2021.

Eliminates 95% of plastic while maintaining product visibility and being tamper-evident.

100% recycled and recyclable.

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Brand image.

All formats. Optimised height with the same capacity as current plastic punnets. Sizes adaptable to any type of product.

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Machinability. Designed for use with existing plastic punnet packaging machines while maintaining the same production capacity and guaranteeing a perfect seal.


Is it possible to replace the traditional punnets used for berries, cherry tomatoes, grapes, made of single-use plastics? Of course it is.

Heat-sealable cardboard punnets are one of the best and most sustainable alternatives to the traditional plastic basket for fruit and vegetables. Clearly, they are classified as 100% recyclable, but this is not the only functional advantage that this packaging has both for the consumer and for the brands committed to its development. Read more to find out many more details.

Brand image

  • High-quality printing directly on the packaging, without the need for labels.
  • Increases visibility at the point of sale by attracting the shopper’s attention.
  • Customisable with all printing techniques.
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  • Machinability. Suitable for heat-sealing.
  • Extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables thanks to its side ventilation.
  • All the punnet formats on the market are now available in cardboard.
  • Quick and easy to place on the shelf.
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More sustainable

  • 100% recycled and recyclable. Made from recycled cardboard with a thin sheet of film. The two materials can be easily separated and disposed of in the appropriate containers.
  • Eliminates up to 95% of plastic.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Blue recycling bin disposal.
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prefer cardboard packaging

Consumers Aware and critical

  • 90% think that plastic packaging should be reduced.
  • 97% consider paper and board packaging to be more environmentally friendly.
  • 50% would pay more for recyclable packaging.

Retail Committed to Sustainability and Fresh Produce

  • 60% of fresh food is sold through the Retail channel.
  • Fruit and vegetables are Retail’s major strategic focus.

Regulation Circular Economy

  • Draft Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil.
  • Spanish and European Circular Economy Strategy .
  • EU directive bans single-use plastics from 2021.

We have the team
with most expertise

in the agricultural sector

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75 years developing innovative solutions to the challenges of the sector: reducing time in the chamber, increasing transport capacity or improving food preservation, among others.

We’re at your side so you don’t need to keep stock

Immediate response capacity: 20 production plants and 39 logistics centres distributed throughout the main production areas of Spain.

The largest portfolio

Sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables.

The complete solution is now on the market

Punnet, transportable display box and matching point-of-purchase display.

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