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Visual Performance Go

Visual Performance Go: virtual reality at the service of our customers

This is an innovative product developed by Hinojosa’s R&D&I department, consisting of specific software (which generates a 3D supermarket environment) and 3D glasses that allow interaction with the product under development.

What do we get out of virtual reality?

Without having to leave the customer’s offices, we simulate supermarket setting and see how it would look and how any product would behave on the shelves. The main advantage is clear: we can instantly check whether you will stand out from the competition. 

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa

How does Visual Performance Go work?

Consumers spend only 20 seconds in front of a shelf and take only 5 seconds to pick the product they’re looking for. This is the time we have to make a difference with packaging.

To create an unbeatable solution, we benchmark against the competition. We study the industry, market trends and consumer habits. After the preliminary analysis, new proposals are developed and designed so that the consumer can detect your product in just a few seconds.

We look at absolutely everything

The colour of the packaging, the shape, the most suitable material, and the messages to be conveyed by the brand. And as Visual Performance Go is a mobile tool, we offer the option of working on the proposal phase at the customer’s facilities toobtaining more inputs from all the areas involved: commercial, R&D&I, production, etc.

The great advantage is that the customer gets to see how their product will look and we detect any necessary changes in real time. This way, we save you the costs of travelling, making models or creating unnecessary prototypes.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa

80% of the packaging that is taken off a shelf is bought

Therefore, the process only culminates when we manage to come up with the perfect and fully customised solution requested by the customer in the first phase of the project.

But Hinojosa’s role does not end here: as a partner we accompany brands at all times and provide them with the best materials and the most cutting-edge techniques in the sector to promote them and leverage the packaging to convey everything that the product represents.