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Fashion and footwear

Fashion and footwear packaging

Designing the best packaging for fashion and footwear requires an in-depth knowledge of this complex and fast moving sector. Did you know that sustainability is the most important factor for today’s consumer? We know the market and we analyse it in depth to offer you 100% recycled and recyclable packaging solutions, which win over the consumer and have all the flexibility that the market demands.

We are experts in packaging that is fully adapted to online sales (safety boxes, dual-use boxes for returns, etc.) and that achieves the much sought-after ‘WOW effect’ upon opening the box.

What are the advantages?

  • We want to be your specialised e-commerce partner. We are also Amazon FFP certified.
  • We develop 100% recycled and 100% recyclable solutions. The end consumer only has to take the packaging to the blue recycling bin.
  • We use the techniques best suited to this sector: we make the most of digital printing and flexography.
  • Obtain truly distinct packaging for physical sales too. Take your brand to the next level and grow your sales.



Customised cardboard shoe boxes

At Hinojosa we make your shoes look good even before the box is opened. Opt for our 100% customised packaging made from 100% recyclable material. Your customers will have the perfect unboxing experience!

Adjustable height and self-adhesive closure

The packaging that adapts to suit your shoes and trainers. Its height is manually adjustable and it has an auto bottom and machine gluing. We secure your product with double-sided adhesive tape and tamper-evident seals. This product also has a tear-open system.

Height adjustable base and lid

Our solution with a manually height-adjustable bottom and lid is manufactured with an anti-theft system and automatic bottom. The glue is applied using a machine and the products inside are protected by a tamper-evident seal. This product also has a tear-open system.

Six glue points with a tamper-evident seal

The perfect packaging to achieve the desired WOW effect! Enhance your brand image with our six-glue point product with tamper-proof and tamper-evident adhesive tape seal.

Paper gusset envelope

A perfect product for textiles and footwear, ideal for easy returns. Made from 100% recycled material, the tamper-evident adhesive tape seal ensures that the product arrives safely at its destination.

Base and lid

The different products that we offer at Hinojosa for fashion and footwear are also designed to optimise assembly time. Our anti-theft box with base and lid is machine-glued and equipped with a tamper-evident seal.

B1 snap-lock box

For the fastest packing of shoes or clothes! Our B1 box with snap-lock and automatic bottom is sealed by double-sided adhesive tape and has a tamper-evident seal. Once in the buyer’s hands, unboxing is also very fast with the tear-off perforation.

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