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Meet us


We firmly believe that making our packaging more sustainable makes the products inside more valuable.

We share a clear purpose:
to improve the common good with sustainable packaging solutions.

That is our raison d’être and what keeps us going.

Adding value
to what we carry inside

Our value proposition is based on a commitment to sustainable excellence with each customer, providing them with flexible and dynamic packaging solutions that add value to their business and maximise consumer satisfaction.

Our task does not end with the production of high quality packaging. We must take care of everything that surrounds that:

  • Caring for customers with customised solutions.
  • Caring for our employees, who are the best assets we have, by promoting and training them.
  • Caring for the social environment and collaborating with the communities in which we operate.
  • Caring for the environment on which we depend.

Our values

Customer orientation

Desire to help or serve (internal and/or external) customers and to meet their needs.


Both good packaging and a concept of sustainable excellence, above and beyond the product.


We are more agile and flexible thanks to the degree of autonomy of our plants.

Positive attitude

The word “problem” does not exist in Hinojosa, we always find the solution to any challenge thanks to innovation focused on each customer.

Our values fuel our customer-centric model. A culture shared by all the people who make up this company, guiding the way that the management and all of its employees behave.