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Our Innovation model

Innovation, one of the cornerstones of Hinojosa since its creation

We are committed to everything new, we systematise innovation processes, and we understand them as a strategic focus. In fact, they’re not isolated from the rest of the company’s systems and processes. They are integrated to achieve a global approach that makes us better each day.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN

What is our objective?

We view innovation as a tool to respond to the needs of our customers and to align ourselves with the transformations of a market that is currently demanding more and better solutions every day. 


HINGENIA is the ideal tool to invest in internal talent and promote the creation of new lines of business. Hinojosa’s intrapreneurship programme has become a disruptive tool that contributes to maintaining the competitiveness of the company.


As many great companies discovered in their moment, we too have learnt that many of the best ideas for innovation come from people who are already inside Hinojosa.

What do we achieve?

We incentivise the development of new ideas and solutions for the company. In addition, thanks to Hingenia we can detect potential business opportunities and expand our knowledge in different areas.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN

HINGENIA in 3 sprints

1. We raise people’s concerns to promote possible ideas for improvement, new products and business models. We also define the challenges that add value to the company.

2.We form mixed teams (employees-external collaborators). In this second phase, in-depth knowledge of certain tools of the Design Sprint methodology is acquired to help in the development of their project. The second phase ends with the selection of the finalists’ ideas.

3. In the last phase, the projects that have been selected are developed to be submitted for validation by Hinojosa’s management or by participating customers. Thus we test the real interest that these solutions may have in the operation of companies.

Hinnova System

Innovation management makes a difference. At Hinojosa we’re committed to everything new and we promote and manage collaborative innovation.

  • We’re always on the lookout for new product ideas. Workers can propose and mature their own ideas by involving the right people.
  • New service ideas.
  • New ideas that improve or evolve processes.

Whether they are small improvements or completely ground-breaking proposals, the innovation area compiles and manages them to see how far they can go. 

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN

Competitive intelligence

Data collection is essential for decision-making and its subsequent development into innovative ideas. That’s why at Hinojosa we implement so-called competitive intelligence.

What is this exactly? The result of obtaining and analysing information about our sector, industry, customers or suppliers. We use “Antara” to work with available data to achieve a competitive advantage.

Why have we implemented competitive intelligence?

  • Because it helps us to detect potential threats.
  • It’s a very useful tool for taking advantage of new market opportunities.
  • It provides insight into customer needs and consumer demands.
  • It helps us to forecast technological and market trends.
  • It improves R&D management.
  • It keeps us informed about legislative changes that affect our products and services.

Interplant Awards

Through their daily performance and the ideas that make us innovate, people are the real driving force at Hinojosa. For this reason, they receive annual recognition at the Interplant Awards gala, an internal event aimed at promoting initiatives that address issues directly related to our daily activities.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa EN

Innovation Academies

The aim of the Innovation Academies is to help our customers find sustainable packaging solutions made of corrugated cardboard. This format of exclusive sessions for customers is aimed at different profiles (marketing, R&D, designers, and production managers, for example) and focuses on identifying problems and designing solutions together with international experts from the companies that make up the Blue Box Partners alliance.

How are the objectives achieved? Through the Board of Innovation’s design thinking system, which enables the agile creation of prototypes of solutions to make progress with the proposed projects.