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Replacing single-use plastics

The European Union has been making efforts for years to limit the use of single-use plastic in all types of food packaging solutions through relevant directives.

Along the same lines, EU countries – including Spain – have been legislating towards the same goal. At Hinojosa, we are aware that this regulatory change represents a real challenge for the market, as there is demand among consumers to see mostly sustainable products on the supermarket shelves. And we want to help you.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa
Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa

"Plastic constitutes 85% of the waste entering the oceans"
(According to the United Nations)

At Hinojosa we’ve been analysing this trend, which is now a reality, for years. That’s why we’ve made great strides in developing sustainable packaging systems as an alternative to single-use plastic. The 360 Green Packaging family of boxes for fresh food, our heat-sealable cardboard punnets for fruit and vegetables or the ECOGRIP bottle pack as an alternative to shrink wrap, all contribute towards achieving this ambitious goal. All of these are already on the market, represent success stories for many brands, and have been duly tested to certify the most important thing: that they work.

What solution do you need?

360 Green Packaging

360 Green Packaging is the name of Hinojosa’s most sustainable venture in the primary packaging sector. Intended for contact with fresh food, this range of solutions has been designed in close collaboration with the food, packaging machinery and film manufacturers themselves.

Halopack, CartoSkin, Hiliner and Sumbox offer specific alternatives to traditional disposable plastic packaging. Ready meals, meat, sausages, cheese and fish (frozen or fresh) are the alternatives that today’s customers and consumers demand.

Imagen de Grupo Hinojosa

Advantages and benefits of 360 Green Packaging

  • A clear commitment to sustainability: helps to reduce plastic-use by up to 80%. It does the same for the carbon footprint.
  • All this packaging has already become a key tool for reducing food waste.
  • The packs are compatible with a range of thermoforming and heat-sealing machines, featuring SKIN and MAP sealing. They are made from easily separable materials and offer high barrier properties that preserve and extend the shelf life of food.
  • They are waterproof, suitable for freezing, ovenproof and microwave-proof.
  • The 360 Green Packaging family can be customised to the extreme with everything a brand needs. Both inside and outside, using any printing technique.

Need more information? We’ve got everything you need here.


With ECOGRIP, we offer the market a 100% recycled, recyclable and fully biodegradable packaging solution that dispenses with the usual shrink film used to transport several bottles at a time. With this idea, we contribute to reducing the amount of single-use plastic in the supply chains. 

Designed to be flexible and practical, one of its main advantages is that the number of bottles, the type of bottle, or the cap do not matter. It can be produced on a large scale and is positioned as a biodegradable packaging that is perfectly adapted to the current market challenges.

More benefits and features of Ecogrip

  • Boosts sales through its attractive and innovative design.
  • Easy to transport, store and remove the bottles.
  • Developed and designed by a European team of experts, who stand by your side to offer you a global solution.

Do you need more information about ECOGRIP? We’ve got everything you need here.

Heat-sealable punnets

Our heat-sealable cardboard punnets guarantee all the freshness and flavour of fruits and vegetables in sustainable packaging. The adoption of much greener packaging, which contributes to the progressive elimination of single-use plastic, is not just a requirement of European regulations: consumers have also been calling for it for some time now. Up to 50% of consumers would pay more to buy this type of food if it were distributed in paper and cardboard, two materials that 97% of consumers consider to be more environmentally-friendly.

To help you achieve this, we offer you all our years of experience in the development of innovative solutions adapted to the challenges of the fruit and vegetable sector. Thanks to Fruit Pack or Barket, two packaging solutions already available on the market and well tested and proven in the retail sector, you’ll eliminate up to 95% of plastic. And when it’s time to recycle them, just take them to the blue bin.

Do you dare to lead the change? Find all the information about our heat-sealable cardboard punnets here.